Expanding our Horizons

A bicycle wheel
When we began building SponsorMotion, our focus was primarily on developing a search engine tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. However, a recent conversation with a friend from Europe has opened our eyes to expanding our platform's capabilities beyond these industries.
The question was simple: could our search engine also be used for industries far outside of healthcare? Specifically, could we help a company that manufactures bicycle parts find events related to bicycles and cycling so that they could prospect potential distributors and commercial partners? It was an exciting challenge, and we were eager to see if our search engine could rise to the occasion.
New features (events  topics) (Facebook Post (Landscape))-1So, we ran a custom search: we were amazed at the results. In just 24 hours, the sector had been mapped out by our AI agent, and we could provide our client with a list of relevant events in the cycling industry.
This experience taught us a valuable lesson: the potential uses for our search engine are much broader than we initially imagined. If you're looking for something and we don't have it, ask! We're always eager to expand our horizons and take on new challenges.

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