5 Myths about NASCAR

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Why would healthcare brands care about NASCAR?

NASCAR is a sport that has captured the attention of millions of Americans over the years. With over 80 million people tuning in to watch the races, NASCAR is one of the most popular sports in the United States.

But several misconceptions about the NASCAR audience prevent brands from fully tapping into this lucrative promotional channel.

Myth #1: NASCAR Fans are not diverse


One in 5-1I used to think that NASCAR fans were mostly white, living in rural southern areas. But a growing percent are diverse, and today 20% of NASCAR fans are members of a minority group, making it a much more diverse audience than I had assumed.  They have even considered racing in Mexico! 

This means that brands talking to NASCAR fans are reaching a broader and more varied demographic than they might assume. This can have broad implications for DEI initiatives, especially once geography is overlaid with ethnicity.

Myth #2: NASCAR fans only care about the races

57% because of -1One of the most significant benefits of partnering with NASCAR is fan loyalty. A staggering 57% of NASCAR fans have reported purchasing a product because of a NASCAR sponsorship. Fans are aware of the brands that support their favorite sport and are more likely to choose those brands.


By aligning your brand with NASCAR, you can tap into this loyal fan base, acquire new customers, and potentially gain lifelong customers.

Myth #3: NASCAR Fans are not Affluent nor Educated


Another common misconception about NASCAR fans is that they are not well-educated or affluent. However, this is not the case: 93% of NASCAR fans report having health insurance, which is often an indicator of higher socio-economic status, vs. 91% of the general population.

Furthermore, NASCAR fans are not only blue-collar; they come from various professions and educational backgrounds. By targeting NASCAR fans, marketers can reach a more affluent audience than they may have originally anticipated.

Myth #4: NASCAR Fans Do Not Have Time for Brands

57% because of -2

With 40 million fans watching NASCAR for more than 9 hours per week, it may seem like they don't have time for anything else.

However, this dedicated viewership presents an excellent opportunity for brands to engage with fans.

By integrating your brand into the NASCAR experience, you can capture the attention of millions of fans during their favorite pastime, creating a positive association between your brand and their passion for NASCAR.


Myth #5: NASCAR Events Do Not Draw Large Crowds

Some marketers may underestimate the power of NASCAR events, assuming that they do not draw large crowds or just draw people who attend the race itself.

In fact, some NASCAR events attract more than 100,000 attendees, who spend the entire weekend at the track, participating in race-associated events, appearances, midway engagements with sponsors, and just hanging out.

This festival-like atmosphere provides a fantastic opportunity for brands to engage with fans on a personal level for a meaningful amount of time. By participating in these events and creating unique experiences for fans, your brand can create lasting impressions and foster lifelong loyalty.


We hope to encourage more marketers to set aside stereotypes, consider partnering with NASCAR and tap into its dedicated fan base. With a diverse, affluent, and loyal audience, NASCAR provides a unique opportunity for brands to reach millions of potential customers and create lasting connections. Don't let these misconceptions prevent your brand from benefiting from the power of NASCAR – embrace the opportunity and drive your brand forward.

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