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Expanding our Horizons

When we began building SponsorMotion, our focus was primarily on developing a search engine tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. However, a recent conversation with a friend from Europe has opened our eyes to expanding our platform's capabilities beyond these industries.
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Creating customer connections

In the last month or so, no less than ten healthcare-focused companies have talked candidly to me about the difficulty of connecting with customers. They've spanned various types of organizations - physicians, patients, administrators, B2B, etc.

Around 2 am this morning, my mind started to organize these conversations, and I realized quickly that a little shift in the approach could bring dividends to everyone involved.

First, building awareness to generate leads is challenging; the root of it all is trust, which is best built in real life.
  • Most efforts are focused online because it's cheap and easy (although I'd challenge both) and it doesn't require vast amounts of labor.
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