New Feature: List your Event

How to submit an event
Promoting a product or service can be a real challenge for businesses of any size. But when it comes to events, the task becomes even more daunting. With almost 250,000 conferences happening annually in the US, it is tough for event organizers to differentiate themselves and attract the right sponsors. Furthermore, search engines don't always surface the most relevant events to potential sponsors, making it even harder to get the word out.
To help overcome these challenges, we at SponsorMotion decided to make life easier for event organizers by adding a new feature to our platform: event organizers can now submit their event URL(s) to our index, making it much easier for sponsors to find them.
How to submit an event for indexing
The best part? There's no need to do anything else to be listed - all the relevant information will be automatically pulled into our database.
So if you're an event organizer looking to get your event noticed by the right sponsors, all you need to do is sign up for our platform at and click on "Submit for Indexing." 
It's that simple! With this new feature, we're helping event organizers take some of the guesswork out of event promotion and connect with the right sponsors more easily.
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