Building a Territory Plan With SponsorMotion

List of events

In my last blog post, I shared a few screenshots of the search engine we built. Today, I will show how one can use SponsorMotion's database of events to inform the development of a territory plan.

Building a plan

Andrea is a regional business director for a medium-sized biotech company. Her team churns quite a bit (it's hard to hold on to people these days!), and she needs to make sure that her local promotional budget, her team's call and account plans, and her KOL engagement plans cover all the bases.

She has clear visibility on:

  • The types of customers her team needs to engage with (e.g., neurologists)
  • The geographic scope of the search (e.g., Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah)

What she needs is:

  • list of events in her territory - conferences, symposia, etc.
  • Visibility into other opportunities - grand rounds, CMEs, and so on.

Our AI platform scans for both - this is how she would use it to get the information she needs:



It's really easy: she picks a specialty, a date range, and a few States. Done. Now the list can be easily downloaded into Excel and circulated with her team.

Do you have questions? Happy to demonstrate the tool live over Zoom.


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