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A search engine for events? Why?

I recently realized that I spent quite a bit of time writing about the consulting side of our business - how it started, the work we're doing with Kroger and NASCAR, and how we're helping them connect with health and wellness brands.

I've written much less about the data side of what we're building, so here we go.

Imagine a Regional Business Director from a biotech company building or reviewing a territory engagement plan. Let's say she's in the middle of QBR preparation, getting ready to discuss her team's plan with the VP of sales.  To do this, she needs to capture events in Nebraska where she needs her team to be.

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AI: Jarvis or Li-Ion batteries?

It's fascinating to see the conversations around AI and how it's shaping our future.

Many people imagine AI research ultimately yielding a Jarvis-like assistant, an all-knowing, disembodied intelligence constantly at our beck and call. However, my bet is that things will turn out quite differently.  Case in point: Amazon and Google have been cutting resources from their versions of Jarvis, Alexa and Google Home, as consumers mostly use these devices to ask about the weather or to play music. (My Google Home also plays white noise. Very helpful when I put the kids to bed).

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Welcome to Daytona Beach

5 Myths about NASCAR


SponsorMotion has been working with NASCAR to design a partnership program specific for healthcare and pharma companies.

Why would healthcare brands care about NASCAR?

NASCAR is a sport that has captured the attention of millions of Americans over the years. With over 80 million people tuning in to watch the races, NASCAR is one of the most popular sports in the United States.

But several misconceptions about the NASCAR audience prevent brands from fully tapping into this lucrative promotional channel.

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5 questions to ask before buying sponsorships

The value of sponsorship marketing is often diminished by spirited discussions around the size of the booth and giveaways to attract people.  In fact, most of the value is in the decisions made even before you get to that point. 

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Creating customer connections

In the last month or so, no less than ten healthcare-focused companies have talked candidly to me about the difficulty of connecting with customers. They've spanned various types of organizations - physicians, patients, administrators, B2B, etc.

Around 2 am this morning, my mind started to organize these conversations, and I realized quickly that a little shift in the approach could bring dividends to everyone involved.

First, building awareness to generate leads is challenging; the root of it all is trust, which is best built in real life.
  • Most efforts are focused online because it's cheap and easy (although I'd challenge both) and it doesn't require vast amounts of labor.
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Sales Enablement Tools

Tools, tools, tools! Few things can maximize the impact of a field team more than having the right ones. Tools can help you communicate better, track your progress, make decisions based on data while on the move, and even book meetings and plan how to connect with your stakeholders!

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