It's Launch Time!

Fireworks for a new product

We are incredibly excited to share that we are opening up the SponsorMotion search engine - so you can sign up and go! Check out for free access to our AI-powered database of thousands of US health and wellness events.

Creating an account is simple: select a username and a password, and you'll have instant access to our AI-powered database of thousands of events big and small across the United States.

We'll see you there!

Our Database

SponsorMotion's search engine is constantly growing all the time as our AI bots scan the web to generate results that fit your criteria.

A search for events related to oncology in Arizona yields the following results:

Each of these events , with date, location, topics, relevant specialties, and a summary of the agenda.


Our Search Engine

Our search engine is powered by embeddings - an AI technology that allows for semantic search. Search by topic or audience profile. Filter by date, geography, macro topic area.

Here is what our engine thinks is relevant if you're looking to connect with healthcare investors. Type  "healthcare investors" into the search bar and click search.

Healthcare investors

Filter results by geography to find relevant events near specific locations.

Our mission at SponsorMotion is to create a seamless experience - attendees, organizers, and sponsors alike. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or suggestions as you explore our platform.

Happy event hunting!

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