How it started...

Road in the mountains

Looking back at my timeline, I've realized that I haven't been spending much time talking about recent experiences. I've been so busy building up SponsorMotion that I've had little breathing room to stop and reflect on the most interesting work I've done since taking on this journey. So I thought I'd be sharing a story every now and then.

One of our very first projects was for a cardiology company. They were doing very well, but access to cardiologists is hard. They wanted to expand their campaign, and they already had all the right national conferences on their radar. What else could they do?

We got to work, and we brought more than 150 sponsorship opportunities (newsletters, events, etc.), and more than 100 organizations to their sales team. It was very rewarding to see them prioritize and organize the activation.

But this collaboration arguably had as much of an impact on us as on our client's business. It confirmed our core hypothesis: there was a real opportunity there to help companies find places to go that weren't obvious. Local associations, newsletters, CMEs.

That project helped kick off our journey.

Stay tuned. We'll soon post a case study on it.

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