Tuesday Trivia

Trivia night

Q: What percent of clinical trials fail due to patient recruitment challenges?

A: According to Parexel, an organization that runs clinical trials ...

  • 85% of all clinical trials fail to recruit enough patients;

  • 80% are delayed due to recruitment problems and dropout rates are high.

Wow! Those are big numbers. Especially when the average trial is more than $10M dollars and every month of delay is a month lost in sales, to a competitor, etc.

So, if you're running a clinical trial, what should you do? Here are three easy wins that work in trials for rare, oncology, primary and vaccines.

  • Take a look at your protocol and make sure it's as patient friendly as possible. Do you understand what's required? Would you be willing to participate? Are patients?

  • Think about your recruitment efforts - are you doing more than relying on investigators to recruit for you?

  • Where are you showing up? How are you using associations, organizations, and other touchpoints to your advantage?

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